Are Reservations Required?

We strongly recommend that you make reservations – we fill up quickly! We keep our orientation sessions small to make sure that each guest gets the personalized attention that they need to familiarize themselves with the equipment and to feel comfortable in the trees.

You can book online or give us a call at 503-357-0109

Reservations require full payment. We require a 48-hour cancellation/modification notice prior to your reservation in order to fully refund your deposit. If you are unable to give the outlined notice, we will do our best to work with you but cannot guarantee a refund. This also applies if you have gift cards, as we reserve the harnesses for you and turn away other guests when fully booked.

Summer Office Hours: Open from 9am-5pm daily

Off-Season Office Hours: Our office hours are limited in the off-season.  If we’re not in, please leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


Are you interested in a team building or corporate reservation?  We offer several different outdoor options for any team building event.  This fun, challenging, and rewarding experience will be utilized to enhance your work environment, club, sports team, troop, or any other type of team! Check out more about our team building programs or get started by filling out our team building inquiry form.

What is the Proper Attire?

Not sure what to wear on your tree top adventure? No worries – We can help.  You’ll want to be sure to wear comfortable athletic wear for your visit to Tree to Tree Aerial Adventure Park.  Here’s some tips and the details:

  • Wear closed toed shoes, no open toed sandals or flip flops. Closed toed shoes, such as sneakers, hiking boots, and closed toed sandals, are all permissible. No open shoes of any kind are allowed on the course.
  • Long hair needs to be in ponytail.
  • Shorts or long pants are fine, but remember we are in the trees, so beware of sap, dirt, bugs and pollen! Also, if you decide to wear shorts, we recommend at least mid-thigh length as your harness has leg straps that are generally uncomfortable rubbing on bare skin.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. We are open rain or shine and will only close due to high winds or lightning.
  • Wear something comfortable for climbing. You will be required to wear a harness. Baggy clothing is not recommended.
  • You are going to be outside, so expect dirt, pollen and tree sap. You will probably get some on your clothes, so dress appropriately.
  • Skirts and dresses are not permitted on the course.
  • We do sell gloves. Some people prefer to wear them while going through the courses.  You may also bring your own if you’d like.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes. All participants of Tree to Tree Aerial Adventure Park must complete a waiver before climbing.  Anyone under the age of 18 must have the participant agreement signed by a parent or legal guardian if going into the trees. The agreement can be completed online before arriving at the park. One adult must stay on the property while minors play in the trees.

To speed up the check-in process, you can complete your waiver online before you arrive to the park. That way we can get you to your adventure more quickly! Guests under the age of 18 must have their participant agreement form signed by their parent or legal guardian.

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What makes a team great?

It seems that some teams just have it all: they get along swimmingly, can communicate with just a look, and always seem to be at the top of their game. And it doesn’t seem like it takes them any effort. HOW is that possible? It’s not. Like anything worth having, Building, nurturing, and growing a great team takes work.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help! T2T Team Building programs are all custom made to suit your group and to help you to nurture the aspects of your team that you may want some help with.

We’ve asked around, and here’s what you told us are some of the things that make a team great.


Learn your style! How do you communicate with others, how do others respond, and how do they communicate with you? You may be surprised to realize that your style of communication interacts differently than you’d expect with another’s style of communication. It’s an art to learn how to blend these together to help your team to communicate effectively.

They all share a goal

It’s important for your team to all sit down and communicate about what you think the team’s goals are. You might be surprised to hear what other team members think that your overall goal is! If your team is not all working towards the same goal, how successful can you be?

Everyone contributes

Do you remember group projects and how frustrating they could be when one member let you down, or when they didn’t do any of the work? The same concept applies here. A great team weighs everyone’s strengths, plays to them, and delegates accordingly!

Feeling like a part of the team & supporting each other

This is a major part of being a successful team member. If you don’t feel like you belong, it’s tough to be an integral part of the team. By being a participant in a team and supporting each other, you’ll feel the relationships and connections between members grow.

Want to learn more or get your fall team building organized?  Complete our Team Building Inquiry Form!

Arbor Day at Tree to Tree

Happy Arbor Day! We hope you’re celebrating with us by spending a day in the trees.  If you couldn’t join us, we hop you’re helping us Celebrate Arbor Day at Tree to Tree from afar by joining us to plant a tree.

By planting a tree, you’re helping us to combat climate change, clean the air, provide oxygen, conserve energy, prevent erosion, provide food, and even reduce violence!

Planting just one tree in an open pasture can increase bird biodiversity from nearly 0 up to 80!   What a beautiful thing.

As poet Lucy Larcom said, “He who plants a tree plants hope.” Thanks for joining us to make the earth a beautiful place and to spread hope.

How to pick your tree

There’s a lot to consider when picking out what type of tree you want to plant.  You have to pick something that’s native to your area or in the right hardiness zone to make sure it will grow well. You have to decide if you want an evergreen, a flowering tree, a fruit tree, or something else. How big do you want this tree to grow, and how quickly? Next, you have to determine if where you’re going to plant this tree has full light, full shade, or somewhere in between.  Then, what’s the soil like?!?  Yikes.  Overwhelmed?  Us too.  Luckily, the lovely experts over at the Arbor Day Foundation have made this handy Tree Finder to help you to pick the right tree for you.

How to plant your tree

If you’re getting a seedling with bare roots, submerge them in water for a few hours.  While they’re soaking, dig a hole – much wider than you think you need it to be – where you want to plant it.  Turn the soil around the hole to help with root growth. Once your plant’s soaked for about 6 hours or so, plant it!  Don’t add anything – just use the dirt you took to make the hole. Leave the soil level a bit lower than the surrounding dirt to allow the water to soak in around your newly planted tree.  Water it generously!

How to care for your tree 

Remember to mulch your tree (it helps to insulate the soil, retain moisture, prevent soil compaction, and more)  Water it generously for at least the first two years (these trees will be spending a lot of energy to grow the first few years, so it will be harder for it to protect itself from heat), and to prune your tree in the winter and fall

Now get on out there and plant some hope!