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We get it.  Knowing that you’re safe while you’re up in the air, exploring something new, and expanding your comfort zone is a priority.

Safety is our number one priority at Tree to Tree. We have the best safety gear, a safety (belay) line that you remain connected to at all times, and an infallible locking carabiner (smart-belay) system to avoid any user error.

We also have many procedures in place for your safety.  Our certified guides provide a training orientation to teach you about the course and your gear.  They’ll make sure that you understand all of the equipment on your harness, how to use each piece, and you’ll get to give it a shot on our demo course close to the ground to make sure that you’ve got the hang of it!   Additionally, guides who have undergone extensive training are always watching.  On the Aerial Obstacle Course, We watch from the ground to allow you to explore at your own pace, with your own people.   On the zip tour, we’re right up there with you!  We also have many attentive staffers for any questions or concerns you may have that we have not already addressed.


Feel free to give us a call at  (503) 357-0109 if you have any other questions that we can help you out with!