Arbor Day at Tree to Tree

Happy Arbor Day! We hope you’re celebrating with us by spending a day in the trees.  If you couldn’t join us, we hop you’re helping us Celebrate Arbor Day at Tree to Tree from afar by joining us to plant a tree.

By planting a tree, you’re helping us to combat climate change, clean the air, provide oxygen, conserve energy, prevent erosion, provide food, and even reduce violence!

Planting just one tree in an open pasture can increase bird biodiversity from nearly 0 up to 80!   What a beautiful thing.

As poet Lucy Larcom said, “He who plants a tree plants hope.” Thanks for joining us to make the earth a beautiful place and to spread hope.

How to pick your tree

There’s a lot to consider when picking out what type of tree you want to plant.  You have to pick something that’s native to your area or in the right hardiness zone to make sure it will grow well. You have to decide if you want an evergreen, a flowering tree, a fruit tree, or something else. How big do you want this tree to grow, and how quickly? Next, you have to determine if where you’re going to plant this tree has full light, full shade, or somewhere in between.  Then, what’s the soil like?!?  Yikes.  Overwhelmed?  Us too.  Luckily, the lovely experts over at the Arbor Day Foundation have made this handy Tree Finder to help you to pick the right tree for you.

How to plant your tree

If you’re getting a seedling with bare roots, submerge them in water for a few hours.  While they’re soaking, dig a hole – much wider than you think you need it to be – where you want to plant it.  Turn the soil around the hole to help with root growth. Once your plant’s soaked for about 6 hours or so, plant it!  Don’t add anything – just use the dirt you took to make the hole. Leave the soil level a bit lower than the surrounding dirt to allow the water to soak in around your newly planted tree.  Water it generously!

How to care for your tree 

Remember to mulch your tree (it helps to insulate the soil, retain moisture, prevent soil compaction, and more)  Water it generously for at least the first two years (these trees will be spending a lot of energy to grow the first few years, so it will be harder for it to protect itself from heat), and to prune your tree in the winter and fall

Now get on out there and plant some hope!

What is T2T?

So…What are you guys?

It’s a question that we get a lot…and rightfully so.  It’s an adventure like you’ve never had before. When walking by, it’s easy to see the happy faces of the people in the trees and hear the cheers and laughter, but until you’ve experienced it for yourself it’s hard to explain.

This season we’re going to treat you to some tips & tricks on how to navigate some of our trickier elements. (Stay tuned, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!)  Let’s start at the beginning, and we’ll move among the courses throughout the season!

What’s T2T?

We’re an aerial adventure park.  There’s a series of courses (more on this later) up in the trees, starting at about 15 feet in the air and moving up to almost 40 feet in parts!  You’ll get harnessed up when you arrive, we’ll teach you how to use the equipment, and then you’ll be up on a self guided tour of the trees.  Self guided means that we’ll be there on the ground to help you out and cheer you on, and you can move at your own pace with your group!

You’ll go from obstacle to obstacle (or as we call them – element to element), stopping at platforms built in the trees between the elements to watch your friends, catch your breath, and take in the exhilarating feeling that you’ll surely find.  There’s bridges, swings, ropes, beams, tightropes, and many, many more!

Who can go?

We have a many course options to make sure that almost anyone can join us!  Starting at ages 2-8, the monkey grove is open!  Our zip tour is open for anyone 75 lbs. and up! Anyone ages 7 and up is welcome to the aerial obstacle courses.  Each course is designed specially for the designated age and height ranges, to provide a fun experience for everyone with appropriate levels of challenges, heights, and fun!  Throughout each of the course options, the courses will get higher from the ground and increase in difficulty as you go. Each course ends on the ground, so it’s up to you to decide if you’re ready to conquer the next course, or if you want to call it a day!

Am I safe?

We get it.  Knowing that you’re safe while you’re up in the air, exploring something new, and expanding your comfort zone is a priority.   Providing you with an adventure where you feel safe, welcomed, and supported is one of our highest priorities. We’re proud to feature safety equipment above and beyond the industry requirements.   When you arrive, we’ll help you to get safely secured in our harnesses.

During your orientation session with one of our highly trained staff, you’ll learn how to use the equipment.  Next, you’ll complete our practice course, only a few feet off the ground, under the watchful eye of one of our guides to ensure you’re comfortable with all the equipment!  Ask us all your questions, take your time, and when you’re ready you’ll get started on the courses!

Okay, I’m ready! But come on…give the first course tip!

Well, okay.  Throughout the courses, you’ll notice that some of the elements include logs swinging from ropes. If you ever see these ropes, grab those ropes instead of the cable to steady yourself! Yep, it seems counter-intuitive: the cable stays in one place while the ropes can swing.  Here’s the trick.  Do you remember learning about the pendulum swing?  The same principle applies here.  Hold the cable, and there’s so much farther you can swing.  Hold the ropes and it reduces how far you can swing!

Ready to try it for yourself?! Make a Reservation!

Summer Bucket List

2018 Summer Bucket List

It’s that wonderful time of the year again.  It’s time to start daydreaming about what we’re going to spend our summer doing and planning our vacations. Let’s plan our Summer Bucket List for 2018! We’re including some of the items on our bucket list, as well as a printable version for you.  We’d love to hear what’s on yours!

Our 2018 Summer Bucket List!
2018 Summer Bucket List
  1. Take a hike – check out a new trail and you might find a waterfall!  Exploring is half the fun.
  2. Go Camping
  3. Go to the Zoo
  4. Check out a farmer’s market, and use all that fresh produce for dinner that night.
  5. Beach Days!
  6. S’mores around a bonfire.  THIS is the best way to make a s’more…no broiler s’more can compare. (or – put a twist on it and make a s’moreo.  Just use an Oreo instead of a graham cracker!)
  7. Have an outdoor movie night – or have your own! Get a projector, and your back yard is the newest theatre in town.
  8. Actually take the time to slow down and enjoy a summer sunset
  9. Switch things up and make breakfast for dinner
  10. Summertime is the perfect time for a Roadtrip! Now’s the time to visit that place you’ve always dreamed of. Go somewhere new.
  11. Head to the boardwalk and play some games.  See if you can win that giant teddy bear!
  12. Have a picnic in the park
  13. Attend an Outdoor Summer Concert or Festival.
  14. Host a scavenger hunt! You can find fun ideas online for kids’ and adults’ scavenger hunts – or make up your own.
  15. Make yourself a tasty drink with an umbrella to sip by the pool…or on a pool float!
  16. Join us for an adventure in the trees!

We hope that you’ll join us in making this summer the best one yet. What adventures await you?!