Things to do in Portland

We changed our clocks ahead an hour, we’re starting to notice more plants and animals. March Madness is back, baseball gloves are being pulled out of the closet, Easter eggs are ready to be dyed.  You’re even dodging those pesky potholes that seem to have shown up overnight.  We’re open for fun in the trees.  These are all surely signs that it’s spring.

We’re always looking for fun ways that we can spend some more time outdoors.  Are you ready for some things to do in Portland outdoors and to say goodbye to this colder weather?

We’ve got a list to help you out!

Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest (March 23 – April 30) Enjoy some fresh air, sunshine, and of course the tulips! There’s 40 acres for you to explore.  Bring a picnic, take a hay ride, visit the tasting room, tulip market, and more!

Rose City Salsa & Timba Festival (March 29-April 1) A weekend full of dance! Get out on the dance floor,  and learn some new moves.  There’s a beginner bootcamp as well as specialized classes, so there’s something for everyone.

World’s Largest Pillow Fight (April 1) Did you know St Paul, Minnesota currently holds the record for the world’s largest pillow fight?  Let’s do something about that. Bring your friends and your pillow!

Pancakes and Booze Art Show (April 13) Portland’s premier underground art show.  This is not your typical art show: your favorite local artists, photographers, and bands will be there! Plus a free pancake bar? Yes, please.

Soul’d Out Music Fest (April 18-20) With Venues and Shows all over Portland, there’s a show for you.  It’s sure to be a great time!

Bridge to Brews Portland (April 15) Run across the Frement Bridge! It’s the only race that includes it.  After the race, you’ll get tasting tickets for the  breweries/wineries/distilleries in attendance!



Rainy Day? Play in the Rain!

Recently, it was brought to our attention that some people think that because it’s raining, that they should spend the day indoors.  What?! Why?!  Some of the best, most memorable experiences happen out in the rain.  Don’t wait for the storm to pass.  Make the most of a rainy day!

Whether you’re rediscovering your inner child, or helping your child to foster theirs, there’s no better way to do so.

Our courses are still open!  Spend the day with us.  We know that rain days are the perfect day to get adventurous, and there’s nothing cooler than the treetops in the rain.  It’s a rainy day in Oregon? Come out to the park.  We’ll be waiting to harness you up, teach you our equipment and get you started on what will surely be your new favorite rainy day activity. (If there’s high winds and lightning, we will close down the course for safety, so you can rest assured that if you’re in the trees, it’s safe for you to be!)

Take a walk in the park! “Singin’ In The Rain” is a song for a reason.  It’s the perfect time to practice those heel clicks!  Why have a raincoat, rainboots, or an umbrella if you’re not going to use them? Jump in every puddle you see.

Rain Art is an easy way to get your creativity going! Rhythms of Play has a great tutorial.

Make a Rain Barrel!  This DIY is perfect.  It’s friendly to the environment and to your wallet.  You’ll have fresh rain water stored for your garden, and even better? You won’t have to fill it yourself.  Just let the rain do the work!

Slip and Slide! When was the last time you were on a slip and slide?  If it’s nice enough out,  break it out!  If you don’t have one, make your own!

We hope that this has helped you to discover some rainy day fun, and that the next time that you see there’s rain in the forecast, you’ll be excited to see it!

Team Building Special!

Team building at Tree to Tree

Usually when you hear the dreaded “team building” event is right around the corner, your eyes glaze over…  maybe they even do an inadvertent roll.  You may realize that you’re already looking for the perfect excuse to get out of it.

Well, we’re here to tell you that skipping out on team building at T2T would be a huge mistake.  Team building at Tree To Tree is a magical experience that you’ve never had before.  Here’s exactly why we’re different:

  1.  We’re not here to give you the same ol’ generic team building program that you’ve been to thousands of times before.  You’ve done it, we’ve done it, it’s not fun.  It’s not unique.  You’re not learning something new about yourselves or about your teammates.
  2. We’re also not here to give you the same ol’ generic team building program that we’ve given before…to anyone.   You have decided to take your team building outside the box and we promise the same to you.  When you sign up for a team building event with us, you’ll fill out an assessment to tell us about your team, the relationships within it, and your goals for the day.  We’ll take this information and develop a customized program specifically to fit your team and to meet those goals.
  3. We have low elements where your team can really work together to achieve a goal.  These elements are closer to the ground and do not require participants to be in a harness like our aerial obstacle course does.    This way, your team can learn new skills and more about each other while expanding their comfort zones – together!
  4. We have the aerial obstacle course, too! Many team building groups spend the morning on our low elements and explore the aerial obstacle course after lunch! It makes for a great full day experience!

And you’re in luck.  Book a team building event by the end  of April and we’lll take 10% off!

Call 503-357-0109 for more information, or complete the needs assessment!