Ways to get outside during the Winter

We don’t need to convince you that the outdoors are great.  There’s this special sensation that you get when you step out the front door, feel the fresh air filling your lungs, and welcome the rays of sunshine that fall on your face. But maybe you do need some convincing to get out there in the colder months.  We get it — it’s cold out there.  You can’t head to the beach, but that’s okay.  We’ve got some ideas of fun outdoor activities for you until our 2018 season opening on March 3!

1. Snow Angels aren’t just for kids. Neither are snow men, snowball fights, sledding, or ice skating.  Get on out there and have some fun!
2. Go get your camera!  It doesn’t matter if it’s your phone camera or something a little more serious.  The beauty of fresh snow is unparalleled and it’s up to you to capture it!
3. Maple. Syrup. Snow. Candy.  Okay, this one doesn’t mean you’ll be outside for long, but it’s worth it. All you need is some snow, maple syrup,  and a pot.  Boil the syrup on the stove top, pour it over the snow, and in no time you have a perfectly delicious treat.
4. Have you been snowshoeing or cross country skiing?  Give it a shot!
5. Craving to add some color to the white wonderland?  Make Colorful icicles.
6. Take a winter picnic!  Make sure you’ve got a nice heavy blanket, soup, and hot chocolate!
7.  Play a game!  Who says horseshoes, Frisbee, or bocce ball are just for the warmer months?
8. Stargazing!  Just bring toasty beverages to keep you warm, and check out the constellations.  You’ll see a different night sky than you do in the summer.
9. A winter hike is always a good idea!
10.  Go Geocaching!

2017 in Review

We’re looking forward for all 2018 has in store!

Here’s a look back on all the fun we had in 2017, and some exciting things we have in store for 2018!


100 Best in Oregon

In December 2017, we were awarded the #10 slot in all Oregon by Oregon Business’ list of  “100 Best Fan Favorite Destinations” for 2018!
Top Ten TWO years in a row?!!? Wow!

We are honored to be on this list, and all your positive reviews and comments helped to make this a reality.  THANK YOU for your support!


Summer Camp

We had about 16 campers join us July 11-13 for three jam-packed days of adventure, excitement, and new friends!

Campers spent their days exploring the aerial obstacle course and the trees, shelter building, as well as learning about their inner selves, valuable communication skills, and more! he campers loved spending their days out in the sunshine, engaging with one another, having a great time on the obstacles and in the trees, and more!

World Domination Summit 

World Domination Summit descended on Portland this summer 10,000 people strong.  They had attendees from over 40 countries, who have one big thing in common:  They’re all adventurers with the mission to create a remarkable community that helps each person to pursue a big dream.  How awesome is that?!?

Tree to Tree is thrilled that we were a part of the 2017 Summit Schedule.  Attendees joined us at Tree to Tree for some time in the trees!  They explored the aerial obstacle course and took them selves to new heights with our tree top plunge, racing zips, and monkey grove!


We were featured in Portland Family Adventures!

We were featured in the first ever version of Portland Family Adventures!

We’re proud to be listed as one of Portland’s best family-friendly outings, attractions, and day trips!  We strive to provide you with a top-notch experience for you and your family of all ages, and we’re happy that Portland agrees!


We Introduced Online Booking 

This year, we made adventure even easier.

You can now book online! No more phone calls, waiting for the office to open, and more convenience for you!



NEW PARK: Tree to Tree Idaho 

We’re opening Tree to Tree Idaho in Athol, ID this year!

It will be located in Farragut State Park, Athol, ID.  Be sure to check us out if you’re in the area!  (Or if you have a friend in the area – we’re selling gift cards!)

NEW ADDITION: Ninja Warrior Course!

We’ve built a brand new addition to our park for you: a Ninja Warrior Course!

Be sure to swing by to give it a try and see if you’ve got what it takes!