World Domination Summit

World Domination Summit descended on Portland this past month 10,000 people strong.  They had attendees from over 40 countries, who have one big thing in common:  They’re all adventurers with the mission to create a remarkable community that helps each person to pursue a big dream.  How awesome is that?!?

Tree to Tree is thrilled that we were a part of the 2017 Summit Schedule.  Attendees joined us at Tree to Tree for some time in the trees!  They explored the aerial obstacle course and took them selves to new heights with our tree top plunge, racing zips, and monkey grove!

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Meet the staff – Marshall

Meet Marshall!  Marshall is a level 3 guide, zip line guide, and equipment manager at T2T who’s been working with us for 2 years.  We asked him what people would be surprised if they knew about him, but he wanted to take the opportunity to share a surprising fun fact instead: Bananas are herbs.  I needed a little more insight on this, and since I can’t be the only one who does, here’s a link with some more info on it.

What are 3 words you’d use to describe T2T?  Super fun time


What’s your favorite element on the courses?  Monkey Bars


What’s your favorite part of your day at T2T?   Zip Tours


What’s your proudest moment at T2T?  Getting promoted to equipment manager


What does adventure mean to you?  Doing what you love and getting outside of your comfort zone.


What are some things that are still on your bucket list?  Bungee Jump and Skydive.


What would you title your autobiography?  “Why am I writing this! A story of how it all came to this.”


If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?  Flight, just for the ease of travel.


What always puts you in a good mood when you’re feeling down?  Food from Bob’s pop-up cart.


Recap: Summer Camp Session 1

Session 1 of summer camp was a huge success!  We had about 16 campers join us July 11-13 for three fun-filled days of exploring the aerial obstacle course and the trees, shelter building, as well as learning about their inner selves, valuable communication skills, and more!


The campers loved spending their days out in the sunshine, engaging with one another, and both practicing mindfulness of and having a great time on the obstacles and in the trees!

During camp, campers gained many valuable skills — sometimes without even realizing!  Campers:

1. Explore the Aerial Adventure Course: Building Self Confidence & Leadership!

2. Take themselves to new heights with our high element adventures: Learn the science of the trees as you climb  on our Monkey Grove and Quick Jump.

3. Team Building Obstacle Course: Team Focused Attitude for Life!

4. Tree-o-Tracking: Learn Map Skills to complete a Scavenger Hunt!

5. Wilderness Survival: Taking Responsibility for Our Impact!

Guides Casey and Dre had a great time as well and are eagerly awaiting Session 2!  Session 2 will be running August 15, 16, and 17 from 9am – 4pm.  21 hours jam-packed with adventure, excitement, and new friends! Camp is $289 per camper.

Space is limited, so reserve your space now! Call Julie at 503-357-0109 or complete this form.

Meet the Staff – Izzy

Meet Izzy!  Izzy is an aerial obstacle course guide who is in her third year here at T2T.   When she’s not at the park, Izzy coaches gymnastics, is a student, and loves to do photography.   When asked what people would be surprised to know about her, her answer didn’t disappoint.  Her great great grandfather is Babe Ruth!  Didn’t see that one coming!

What’s your favorite part of your day at T2T? Why?  Clearing the courses! I love being able to do the courses in the quiet in the morning.  Doing the first orientation is exciting to see how excited they are.


What are 3 words you’d use to describe T2T?  Fun, highly energetic, organized


What’s your proudest moment at T2T?  Becoming a level two guide.


What’s your favorite thing about working at T2T?  In the past, I’ve been known to “Dominate a group of 50 football players and have them all listen” I’m now nicknamed Sarge!


What’s your Favorite Element on the Courses?  The Tarzan swings.


What’s one skill you’d love to master?  Back zipping!


If you could travel back in time, which time frame would you visit and why?  1920’s for the music


What are some things that are still on your bucket list?  Skydiving and scubadiving!


What always puts you in a good mood when you’re feeling down?  Teasing and joking around!


What would you title your autobiography? “Why you shouldn’t make a small person mad.”


What does adventure mean to you?  Leaving your home to achieve a goal only to return home!


The Great Getaway

You’ve probably seen this quote before, but have you ever spent just one day trying to live it to its fullest potential? What would you spend your day doing? Well, we’ve put a lot of thought into this lately, and we think that we’ve got the perfect solution.

Introducing: The Great Getaway!

We’re teaming up with some local tasting rooms to provide you with the ultimate day.

The Great Getaway for One – $69
Tree to Tree Aerial Obstacle Adventures

Wine Tasting + One $20 Winery Gift Certificate

The Great Getaway for Two – $118

Tree to Tree Aerial Obstacle Adventures for 2

Wine Tasting for 2 + One $20 Winery Gift Certificate


First, you’ll visit Tree to Tree and spend 2-3 hours conquering our adult aerial obstacle course.  You’ll adventure through our wobbly bridges, cargo nets, Tarzan swings, and, of course, zip lines! Next, you’ll take your gift certificate over to one of our tasting partners. Relax and spend some quality time with those good friends!

We’re happy to announce our amazing vineyard and winery partners.  Click any below to check out their websites:

Apolloni Vineyards

A Blooming Hill Vineyard & Winery

Kramer Vineyards

Montinore Estate

Plum Hill Vineyards


Let us help you to create the perfect day for adventure and good friends.  Click here for more information.

Give us a call at 503-357-0109 & let us know that you’d like to purchase a ticket for our “Great Getaway” Program.