Adventure Village

Have you seen the Pixar Movie “Up”?  In it, a young wilderness explorer named Russel and a 78 year old lovable curmudgeon  named Carl form quite the unlikely duo as they travel to Paradise Falls, with Carl’s house in tow.  There’s countless helium balloons holding the house afloat as take an ultimate adventure to its final destination.

It’s one of my favorite animated movies.  Why, you ask? Because as you watch, you’ll see Carl’s transformation.  At the beginning, he has no sense of adventure left.  His world is grey, and he’s clearly at a loss of what to do next in his life.  Russell enters his life, and helps Carl rediscover adventure, exploring, and all the excitement that life has to offer.

Introducing Tree to Tree’s Adventure Village.  Let’s make adventure a lifestyle!

Adventure Village is the perfect place to introduce our very tiniest visitors, ages 2-8, to adventure!  It was designed and built especially for them to explore, play, and discover their sense of adventure.

No gear is required in Adventure Village.  The entire area is safely enclosed to allow for a safe way to play in the trees.  Your young explorers can test out their balance on wobbly bridges, play on the lookout platforms, or give zip lining a shot on our hand-held zip line!

Over the winter, we gave Adventure Village a little extra TLC.  Our team put cedar roofs on all of the mini tree house huts to add another layer to the adventure.

Make a reservation for your smallest explorers to visit Adventure Village!


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