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Why Team Building? Team Building encourages all team members to feel invested in the direction taken and results achieved. Each person has input and works towards reaching the end result. The interdependence sets the stage for the end results.

  • Collaboration - A successful, collaborative team puts a value on the group dynamic and strives for higher productivity. Learning to work together toward goals including personal growth and empowerment with enhance your group dynamic. Key elements of your program will include communication skills, team spirit, and learning about others in your group.
  • Responsibility - Allow our program to instill a sense of responsibility within the group for the group as a whole and its individual members. This can be translated to responsible participation in community involvement, missions, and other group activities while building relationships with one another and their community.
  • Communication - Our program helps teams learn to communicate effectively to identify goals, eliminate conflict and share positive ideas. Our team building facilitators focus on this in a tailor built selection of action based outdoor activities which strives to facilitate group thinking, motivation, problem solving, communication and helpful skills to resolve issues. Communication is key; a combination of speaking, listening, writing, and reading body language are vital for developing a highly engaged and motivated team.

We believe in team. All teams have a mission and we are here to embellish and enhance a strong team environment!

Our most popular program starts at $70 per person and includes

  • A certified Tree to Tree facilitator that works with your team directly for two hours on team building activities in the forest
  • Two hours of self-guided adventure in the treetops on our aerial obstacle course.

Coach, Coach and Coach your team!

This program is perfect for your company, organization, school, sports team, or corporation. We are focused on building strong leaders who are able to bring the team to a new level or understand that they may have to create a new and vibrant team ready for "A-Team" status.

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Add on our aerial obstacle course, ninja course, or any other of our mini adventures to treat your team to the ultimate day!