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Outdoor Team Building Activities In Oregon

Team building activities help any group get to know each other and learn to work together as a team. Tree to Tree Adventure Park in Gaston, Oregon team building programs encourage a sense of unity in any group, large or small.

Our structured team building activities help your team create new ways to communicate, collaborate, build trust and develop a better bond.

Programs are a perfect fit for any scout troop, sporting team, fraternal organization, corporate training event or club of any kind, including families.

Offsite Team Building Programs

  • Help foster a sense of oneness and togetherness that a group of individuals may lack.
  • Enable a team of students, athletes or professionals to grow in trust and respect for one another.
  • When you're planning your next school, team or corporate team-building event, bring your crew out to Tree to Tree Aerial Adventure Park.

Effective Team Building Exercises

  • Team building activities enable participants to tap into portions of their brain — those that make teamwork possible — that may otherwise go unused in everyday solitary events.
  • A team doesn't become one because of a label, but rather because of a shared bond, a common goal or mission, and healthy communication.
  • Our outdoor team building activities call upon problem-solving and strategic planning skills that build trust and mutual respect between teammates.
  • Our aerial adventure park offers nonstop challenges that compel teams to work effectively together to complete the tasks.

When you visit our park with your team, you'll have access to unique aerial obstacle courses that challenge each individual mentally and physically.

  • Teammates will be called upon for their skills and solutions.
  • The difficulty of the obstacles varies widely, and some may require physically stronger teammates to help others, helping to build additional trust.
  • All ages accommodated on our obstacle courses.

Call Or Visit Us To Schedule Your Next Team Event

We welcome you to visit our park for a grand tour of our outdoor team building activities! We're located 35 miles west of Portland, Oregon near Hagg Lake in Gaston. Once you're ready to book, we'll help you make your required reservations so you can publicize your event to all team members. Contact us online or call us today at (503) 357-0109 to learn more about our location and to ask any questions about how working together through our courses can enhance your team's effectiveness.