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Team Building Add Ons & Mini Adventures

Aerial Obstacle Course

The aerial obstacle course is a perfect add on to our team building Take the skills of communication, team spirit, and positive encouragement that you learned on our low elements and keep the feeling going with a challenging self-guided aerial experience on our treetop courses. Your team will love it!

Ninja Course

Participants may add this exciting new addition to our adventure park to any team building event or to our aerial adventure course or zip line tour. This activity is perfect for groups and individuals who love a mental and physical challenge. Unite your group through some friendly competition within your team to see who can get the farthest fastest, or who can make it all the way through! It's a perfect challenge for anyone focused on reaching a new goal, whether it be the classroom, board room, on the field, or anything in between

Our new Ninja Course is the ultimate way to infuse personal challenges with team spirit and encouragement into your corporate, sports, first responder, or scouts outing.

Treetop Plunge

Use the power of positive encouragement to cheer your teammates on to take the Treetop Plunge! This adrenaline-pumping adventure allows participants to climb to a platform situated 65 feet in the air and make a leap of faith. You'll be attached to a harness and special device that lets you free-fall 20 feet before it slows you down and gently brings you back to the ground. Are you brave enough to take the plunge? With support from your team, you can do anything!

Racing Ziplines

Get ready for some friendly (or not so friendly) competition on our tandem racing zip lines. This adventure features two zip lines parallel to each other, identical in length and height, that let you and another racer shove off at the same time and descend side-by-side at lightning speed. It's a race to the finish line, may the best zipper win!

Monkey Grove

Act like a monkey in the Monkey Grove. This fun-filled activity is comparable to rock climbing, but the holds are strapped to trees! Try out your new communication skills by encouraging your teammates to reach new heights!

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