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Tree To Tree Adventure Camp For Kids

In 2023, we hope to bring the Tree to Tree Experience to your Summer Camp or offer you a "build your own" camp day experience. Give us a call at (503) 357-0109 for more details or to talk about group rates!

Traditional Summer Camp

Your camper will love spending their days out in the sunshine, engaging with one another, and having a great time on the obstacles and in the trees! If you are interested, please let us know right away. Space is limited and slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. We are very excited to be able to offer our camp again and we can't wait to see you out here in the trees!

  • 2023 Summer Camp: July 18 - 20

For more information call (503) 357-0109 or email us.

Day Camp Activities

You can build your own camp day! If you'd like, your can start your day with our qualified guides leading various activities designed to encourage campers to get to know one other and bond. This creates the foundation of trust the group carries into the trees! Our aerial obstacle course and add on adventures are all available to be added to your day, a la carte. Campers build communication and interpersonal skills face-to-face while they

  • Build self-confidence and learn valuable leadership skills through our Aerial Adventure Course
  • Try our high-element adventure that has campers climbing to amazing heights in our Monkey Grove and taking a breathtaking jump during the Tree-Top Plunge
  • Develop a team-focused attitude with our team-building obstacle course

Exciting Aerial Adventure

One of the most popular day camp activities is our challenging Aerial Adventure Course. We have six courses total that offer a thrilling experience set high in the trees. Each course includes a sequence of obstacles that get more challenging as you move through the course levels and include zip lines as you traverse to higher levels.

Children over the age of 10 have access to all six courses, which means all our campers have the opportunity to complete every course as they build their confidence level. Everyone starts on the easier, more stable courses that aren’t very high off the ground until they're comfortable enough to step up to the next challenge.

Book Your Camp's Adventure

We only host a certain number of participants at our park per day, so if you have a day in mind, let us know as soon as possible! Book your camp's summer adventure online to ensure they get the next available spot. Email Woody or contact us at (503) 357-0109 with questions.

Get your kids into high gear this year at

Tree to tree adventure camp 2023


Your Inner Self


from new heights!


On the Aerial Adventure Course!


Build Communication with Interpersonal Skills & Learn to Communicate without using your iPad!


Core Values through Team Building, Inter-Dependence & Creativity!

Looking for our traditional camp?

For the moment, we do not plan to run the camp program you've seen in the past. Sign up here to find our when our traditional summer camp runs again!

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