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Oregon Treetop Obstacle Course

Discover your inner daredevil with an outdoor adventure that will raise your spirits and your heart rate. Our treetop obstacle course at Tree to Tree Adventure Park offers an array of aerial challenges suitable for various age groups and skill levels. Located on Hagg Lake in Gaston, Oregon, our staff is invested in creating unforgettable experiences for all our guests. Get set for the outdoor adventure of a lifetime!

Treetop Obstacle Course

Challenge yourself to reach new heights in our six carefully crafted levels of aerial obstacles that include more than 60 fun, yet stimulating challenges. Test your limits and abilities as you zoom across 16 interspersed zip lines and traverse between wobbly bridges, tightropes, balance beams, ladders and Tarzan-like swings. Our treetop obstacle course starts out easy to build your confidence, but quickly becomes more demanding.

Why Aerial Adventure Courses Rock

Exercise enhances your physical and mental well-being, but outdoor adventure courses offer the additional perks of fresh air, progressive challenges and unforgettable memories. As you traverse the course and rise in height, you'll quickly learn how invigorating it can be to push your boundaries. Along the way, you'll improve your balance and flexibility, build upper body strength, increase your oxygen intake and heart rate, clear your mind and boost your self-esteem. Strap on a helmet-mounted camera to capture every thrilling moment and relive your adventure over and over.

Tree to Tree Safety

We want you to have a blast, but safety is our top priority. We're an ANSI-certified park. We use only the best gear, certified guides, comprehensive training, guest orientation and daily procedures to ensure our team and our participants are protected. As you tiptoe, leap and climb through each challenge in our treetop obstacle course, we always ensure your safety by keeping you attached to a harness. And, even though you're flying solo, count on our expertly trained guides to always be nearby to offer assistance.

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Whether you're looking for an exhilarating twist on traditional team-training exercises, an enjoyable getaway for the family or an opportunity to get outside and get active, Tree to Tree Adventure Park delivers. We welcome individuals looking for a fun day out, as well as companies or organizations interested in private events. Book your adventure online or call at (503) 357-0109 to reserve a spot for your treetop obstacle course adventure today.