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Leadership & The Brain

The Science of Leadership & The Brain Interactive Workshop

Join us for a full day interactive workshop, centered around learning the "physiology" of the brain and how it relates to empowering clients and employees to reach higher levels of success. The workshop focus points will be learned and experienced through interactive discussion, low element group challenges, and the opportunity of going through our aerial adventure courses up in the trees.

9 AM to 4 PM - Includes lunch and beverages

Typical Focus Points

  • Insights on how individuals process information both internally and externally
  • Laughter’s connection to maximizing brain function
  • Understanding how we respond to positive and negative valence to arrive at an objective solution
  • Benefits of the "Micro" and "Macro" leadership styles
  • Strategic Value Placement
  • Exercise in relation to creative problem solving
  • Solutions through the science of emergence

Interested in having this workshop catered to your corporate group?
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